2022-2023 SHRBA Officers:

President: W. Marcus Scriven, Esq.

President-Elect: Stephen C. Teague, Esq.

Treasurer:  Makiba A. Gaines, Esq.

Secretary:  Chanel A. Gray, Esq.     

Executive Committee:

Lamont Maddox, Esq.
Alexander W. McBath, Esq.
Sean Mitchell, Esq.
Audrey Odonkor, Esq.
Ashley Richard, Esq.



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1803

Norfolk, VA 23501



Welcome to the South Hampton Roads Bar Association (SHRBA) website. Founded in 1923, SHRBA strives to build upon its rich legacy as an organization that champions justice in the local community and fosters a strong support network for members and aspiring attorneys.  Click here to complete your membership application. 

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South Hampton Roads Bar Association

​Message from President Marcus Scriven

Welcome to the South Hampton Roads Bar Association. “The Train is Still Running after 100 Years.”

It is a humbling honor and privilege to greet you as the recently installed President of The South Hampton Roads Bar Association (“SHRBA”).  SHRBA has been the guiding light in this community since its birth as the Tidewater Bar Association (TBA”) in 1923. Through its active service to the community as a drum major for justice for all citizens, the TBA became the Twin City Bar Association until its current name of SHRBA was created decades ago. SHRBA members have served the community and built professional relationships for soon to be 100 years.

In assuming the role as the guiding servant of this storied bar association, my goal is for every attorney, judge, and law student (young, tenured, and retired) in the Hampton Roads area to find a home at the SHRBA. Achieving this goal requires the continued vigilance that our ancestors and prior leadership of this organization have created by a legacy of excellence, legal and otherwise. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to serve for the second time as President of the SHRBA, after having served as its President in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

We will continue the labor of love to carry on the legacy and torch that have been handed to us by our foremothers and forefathers. It will be a uniquely enjoyable experience to celebrate our 100th Anniversary with a GALA during this 2022-2023 Bar year. Also, we will celebrate the life and legacy of our President Emeritus, Mr. William T. Mason, Jr., Esq. , during this Centennial year. We will continue to focus on continuing the SHRBA’s legacy as a trusted voice of the Hampton Roads legal community, growing our membership, and implementing a long-range strategic plan demonstrating that the SHRBA will always be a voice for social justice and community involvement. We are responsible for the continuing life and vibrancy of the SHRBA and its mission. Working together, we can support and defend the rule of law, influence public policy, and promote a sense of purpose, civility and
collegiality across Hampton Roads and beyond.

Finally, I am committed to building on our prior leadership, and in particular, our Immediate Past President, Michael D. Pierce’s leadership, our standing in this community, and the legacy of those bar leaders who preceded us at the helm. This train has been running on the track for 100 years and serves as a beacon of light in our legal community and home base for all of our attorneys, judges, and law students.

Thank you for your time, energy, and support as we move forward to another 100 years. We will continue to work as a Team,

W. Marcus Scriven, Esq.
2022-2023 President
The South Hampton Roads Bar Association