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South Hampton Roads Bar Association



2023-2024 Executive Committee

Stephen C. Teague, Esq., President

Stephanie Pough, Esq.

Alexander McBath, Esq.

Andrea Dunlap, Esq.

John Coston IV, Esq.

Ashley Richard, Esq.

    ​Message from the President

Greetings All,

I am Stephen Teague, the South Hampton Roads Bar Association’s President for the 2023-2024 term. I consider it a great honor to serve in this role for such a historically important organization. As you may know, 2023 marks 100 years since prominent Black Norfolk attorneys, Walter H. Land, Virnol C. Hodges, Walter L. Davis, James M. Harrison, La Fayette A. Howell, William H. Thomas, Richard G.L. Paige, Joseph S. Hall, Robert C. Stith, and John E. Diggs formed the Tidewater Bar Association, which would eventually become the South Hampton Roads Bar Association (“SHRBA”).  As is often true with the formation of Black professional organizations–past and present–the bar association was formed with the larger purpose of promoting progressive ideals, specifically focusing on the fight for equal rights and the elevation of Black causes in Hampton Roads and beyond.

As we move into our 101st year, I am inspired by the legacy that the organization’s founders, and all those who came after them, have established. It is my and the executive committee’s intention to further fortify SHRBA’s foundation, and to improve upon the structure that the association’s 100 years of service to Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth have built. We look forward to providing our members with more opportunities for civic engagement, and with increased Continuing Legal Education credits. It is my hope that you will join us and contribute your presence and talents to advancing the remarkable history of the South Hampton Roads Bar Association.

Thank you,
Stephen Teague

Mailing Address:

South Hampton Roads Bar Association
P.O. Box 1803
Norfolk, VA 23501