Top 5 Reasons to Join SHRBA

As a local bar tailored specifically to the needs of African-American Lawyers and Jurists, SHRBA now perfectly compliments your membership to other bar associations. That's because SHRBA has restructured in critical areas to address two key issues: Relevance and Value. Never before has SHRBA offered this level of value to its members. All that we now offer as a local bar is totally relevant to you, whether you are a member of the bench or the bar.

1. Bar Sections - New bar sections have been established to foster more closely-knit networks and to make the bar more relevant to your particular area of practice. Whether you are in private practice, public practice, a judge or a young lawyer SHRBA now has a special place just for you. You will be able to meet and discuss issues with seasoned veterans and gain new perspectives from lawyers emerging in the field. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your credentials as a CLE presenter when your bar section hosts one of the monthly membership meetings. It is within sections like these that relationships are built for opportunities that may develop in the future such as the formation of partnerships to build private law practices or the discovery of vertical job opportunities in other cities in Hampton Roads. Consistent participation in a bar section is the absolute best way to extract value from the South Hampton Roads Bar Association.

2. Professional Recognition - What better way to bolster your credentials in the eyes of potential clients or make yourself more appealing for career promotions than to be recognized for your outstanding practice of law. When you participate in our bar sections and make your fellow members aware of the exceptional work you do as a practitioner, then you may just find yourself nominated for practitioner of the year in your respective bar section.

3. Quality Free Continuing Legal Education -
When you join SHRBA, not only do you become a member of a bar with a tremendous amount of legal talent and experience, but now that wisdom will be shared with you - for no additional charge. This year SHRBA is pleased to announce that it is planning to offer 10 live credit hours of approved CLEs. That is a level of value never before offered to our members. Even if you don't necessarily need the credits, the topics for this year will be so interesting, you may still find yourself wanting to attend several of the CLE presentations. Most of these presentations will take place during our monthly membership meetings so you will be able to stay current or the latest legal developments while enjoying a catered meal and the good company of your colleagues.

4. Deep Community Involvement -
No local bar in Virginia does more than SHRBA to give back to those in need of our tremendous talent and resources. Whether it's free phone clinics, hosting local lawmakers, providing for the less fortunate, or increasing the legal awareness among our seniors as well as our youth, our members have multiple opportunities throughout the year contribute to the betterment of the Hampton Roads community.

5. Best Local Bar in Virginia -
We have made it our mission for 2016 to become officially recognized as the best local bar in Virginia. In the 20th century, we were certainly one of the most instrumental bar associations in Virginia; conquering segregation and inequality in courtrooms throughout what is now Hampton Roads. Now well into the 21st century, as we continue to enjoy the fruits of these sacrifices and victories, SHRBA is dedicated to making sure its members are the best in their areas of practice, the best at building private practices, presenting high-quality CLE programs, while recognizing its members for their accomplishments. SHRBA is providing an unprecedented level of value to its members, so we hope that you will join and experience the SHRBA ReBoot. 

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5 Reasons to Join

South Hampton Roads Bar Association (SHRBA)